Welcome With pride and joy, we welcome you in our beach restaurant Brass Boer on Bonaire.

We hold this beautiful island close to our heart and with this restaurant a long-held dream has come true! Our highly motivated and spirited team- most of whom have many years’ experience at our restaurant in Zwolle - will tend to your desires. We wish you a beautiful experience in Brass Boer, our food truck, cocktail bar, and on the beach at Delfin Beach Resort.

Jonnie & Thérèse Boer

Sunset Lounge Our Sunset Lounge is a beautiful, relaxing spot to enjoy the glorious view.

You will be served a nice bottle of champagne, oysters and delicious snacks. The costs are $125 for two persons. To reserve the Sunset Lounge, please contact our personnel or email reservations@brassboer.com

Sunset Lounge
Join our culture be well, eat well, live well.