Welcome With pride and joy, we welcome you at Brass Boer restaurant Bonaire.

"We hold this beautiful island close to our heart and with this restaurant Bonaire a long-held dream has come true! Our highly motivated and spirited team- most of whom have many years’ experience at our restaurant in Zwolle - will tend to your desires. We wish you a beautiful experience in Brass Boer, our food truck, cocktail bar, and on the beach at Delfins Beach Resort." - Jonnie & Thérèse Boer, owners.

Brass Boer offers a Bonaire dining experience that will make your holiday even more unforgettable. Brass Boer's menu mixes local ingredients and global influences, from refined à la carte dishes to yummy beach bites. Add a choice of fine wines and an atmosphere of relaxed hospitality... what more could any bon vivant wish for?

Top quality guaranteed
Jonnie and Thérèse Boer have been keen and regular Bonaire visitors for many years. Their personally trained chefs will prepare their dishes for you. Top quality is guaranteed. As a guest you’re in for a treat, if only because of the staff’s heartwarming hospitality. Add the fact that this Bonaire restaurant is located right next to the azure blue sea, and it should be clear that you’re in for an unforgettable experience at an equally memorable spot.

Sunset Lounge Our Sunset Lounge is a beautiful, relaxing spot to enjoy the glorious view.

You will be served a nice bottle of champagne, oysters and delicious snacks. The costs are $130 for two persons. To reserve the Sunset Lounge, please contact our personnel or email reservations@brassboer.com

Sunset Lounge
Join our culture be well, eat well, live well.