We are proud to present the wine and beverages list of Brass Boer in Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire. Our wine list features wines from around the world revealing a diversity of countries, regions, styles and grape varieties. We work closely with various local suppliers and some of our wines are exclusively imported for us.

And of course we’re delighted that the list includes several of our own ‘Kus van Thérèse’ (‘Kiss from Therese) wines. To assist you in choosing a wine that meets your taste and style preferences we have grouped our wines in various taste categories. Naturally, we are pleased to assist with any questions. You’ll discover that our wine list also offers a selection of other beverages, for example, several cocktails as served in De Librije and a choice of finest craft beers, teas, soft drinks and spirits.

Join our culture be well, eat well, live well.